You are under attack

Every day we interact with computers, televisions and smart devices, unknowingly interacting with the electromagnetic fields they produce. These fields of electromagnetism are being used by agencies and entities to manipulate…YOU! U.S. Patent 6506148 seems like a bunch of malarky. I mean, Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields and monitors? Filed in 2001, this patent is owned by none other than the United States Government. Why would they want to control you, the average law abiding citizen? For what reason would the government want to control the average person? An essay written by R. Cronk in 1996, Consumerism and the new Capitalism, could shed some light on the matter, but that is ultimately for you to discern and decide what you believe.

Moving on from that little fact, we have something called the Lily wave.

This inconspicuous wave function is constantly being propagated (made) from devices that we interact with every day. Like Wi-Fi? There is Lily wave in that. Have a cell phone? of course you do! Well, guess what… there is a Lily wave riding on that signal. Now, what is a Lily wave? The Lily wave is described as a bi-phasic electric pulse which stimulates the neurons of the brain to resonate at a certain frequency, thus allowing control of the brainwave patterns in brain. By countering a high frequence with a equally lower frequency, your normal subliminal barriers which protect your subconscious from outside tampering are effectively disabled. Have you ever wondered why that product on TV looks so good? Did you ever think that the product on your phone seemed way too appealing?

Next time you’re looking at your smart device remember; it’s a Cell phone. It’s meant to keep you trapped, stuck, consuming the meaningless drivel that they, whomever it may be, want you to know and not legitimate facts and data.